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Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight

This post is not organized, it’s more a place to save useful links. I hope you’ll find what you need !
Please note that I have a NST with GlowLight. It was also published on the XDA Forum here.

CWM Recovery

Differents version : on the SD Card (128 Mb or 2 Gb), or integrated in the system, see here - XDA.
For launching it, just power on the Nook and press the two lower buttons (left & right) when the screen change for “Read Forever”, and wait for the recovery


Kernel installer via CWM : Download this archive file here and place the uImage and uRamdisk files in the /boot directory, then flash it.

Compatible with the 1.2.x system :

FastMode application: GitHub and FastMode2 : XDA : very useful to switch refreshing mode !
Finally, you’ll find some useful scripts here.


Base 1.1.x (NST) :

Base 1.2.x (NST et NSTG) :

Some useful applications


Usefuls ADB commands

  • Remount the system with Read-Write rights : mount -o rw,remount /dev/block/stl12 /system
  • See the actual CPU speed (BogoMIPS) : cat /proc/cpuinfo