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iOS Devices


  • DFU Mode
    • Devices without Home button: quick Volume Up, quick Volume Down, hold Side/Top button
    • 7th generation: Volume Down + Side/Top
    • Other: Home + Side/Top


Nice apps

  • Use iPad/iPhone as a mirror or secondary screen with touch: SpaceDesk
    • On Windows, this installs a service which run as SYSTEM
    • If manual control is needed, switch startup type to Manual and manage with net start/stop spacedeskService

Remote Control

  • Use across to emulate a Bluetooth Mouse/Keyboard from a PC

Useful shortcuts with a Windows keyboard - Shortcuts are also listed in Accessibility → Keyboard → Full Keyboard Access → Commands

Shortcut Action
Win+H Go to Springboard / Home screen
Win+Space Open the Search bar
Win+Tab Switch between apps
Win+Shift+3 Take a screenshot
Win+Alt+D Open dock