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This page is about Microsoft Batch script language.


Command Content
cd X Move to folder X
REM Comments / Remarks
echo Write to console
@echo off Don’t write script content to console
a & b Do a and b commands in parallel
a && b Do a and b commands in serial


  • Set and use a variable

      REM Spaces are significants
      set message=Hello World
      echo %message%
      REM to define variables to be local:
      REM to add something to PATH
      set PATH=%PATH%;c:\whatever\else
Environment variables Content
%COMPUTERNAME% Computer name


if var1 == var (
    echo do something
) else (
    echo do else

Files & Folder

  • Folder
    • Create mkdir
  • Files & folder
    • Rename REN or rename
    • Use a drag-n-dropped file in a batch: "%~1"
    • Shortcut to start a command line in the current directory: create a bat file containing @cmd
  • Variables stored into a file
    • Save echo %var%>filename
    • Load set /p var=<filename
  • Test if something exists
    • File if exist filename (...)
    • Folder if exist folder\ (...)


There’s several ways to launch an app:

  • start
  • call

Somewhat related: if you want to pass a command in a LNK shortcut to the command line, use cmd.exe /k yourcommand