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Alpine Linux


  • run alpine-install
  • sys is standard hard-disk install mode
  • apk add nano to install nano
  • Configure SSH
    1. Edit /etc/ssh/sshd_config
    2. At the bottom, add AllowUsers XXX with XXX your user name
    3. Reboot
  • Refer also to the post-install notes


  1. Un-comment community package in /etc/apk/repositories
  2. apk update
  3. apk add docker
  4. addgroup USERNAME docker
  5. rc-update add docker boot and service docker start to start docker daemon at boot


Packets & Software

apk is to tool used to manage packets, documentation:

  • apk update to update the index
  • apk upgrade to upgrade installed package
  • apk add X to add package X to system
  • apk del X to remove package X to system