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Ubuntu Server


Fixed IP / No DHCP

  1. sudo nano /etc/netplan/*.yaml
  2. Below adapter, change dhcp4: no and add
         addresses: [,]
  3. sudo netplan apply
  4. Check with ip addr show

Livepatch service

  1. sudo snap install canonical-livepatch
  2. Generate a token
  3. sudo canonical-livepatch enable UNIQUE_TOKEN
  4. canonical-livepatch status --verbose to check status


  • Bundle application & all dependencies
  • App are executed encapsulated
  • Automatically updated
  • Commands
    • snap list
    • snap install APP
    • snap remove APP
    • snap logs APP
    • snap info APP to list all version of one app
    • sudo snap revert APP to go one version before
    • sudo snap refresh APP to install latest version
    • On services
      • snap services
      • snap logs APP.SERVICE
      • snap stop --disable APP.SERVICE or systemctl status snap.APP.SERVICE
    • On configuration
      • snap get APP and snap get APP key1 to go to level key1
      • snap set APP key1.subkey1=value
  • Volumes created
    • /snap/: mount point for running snap
      • core/: virtualFS for snap apps
    • /var/snap/: user data & logs
    • /var/lib/snapd/
      • snaps/: contain *.snaps
    • /home/username/snap/
  • Source