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  • In a Choice/Reference field:
    • *abc to search data with abc in it
    • ** to list all possibilities

Mass Update

  • Single column
    • Hold Shift to select multiple lines
    • Double-click on one item
  • Multiple column
    • Check boxes
    • Click on a table column > Update Selected

In & Out Exports

  • An XML can be created from one or many record
  • sys_id will be kept

Most Valuable Tables

Table Name Function
sys_properties System Properties All properties
sys_attachment Attachment Contains all attachments, but not the data like images!
sys_attachment_doc Attachment Document Contains attachment data

Most Valuable Properties

Name Description Email sending enabled

Delete a Comment or a Work Note from a record

  • Source
  • Replace below INSTANCEURL and SYSID by your instance and the sys_id of the affected record
  • Modify or delete the record


  1. Create a report that shows all records
  2. Run it
  3. In the filter, add a related list condition

JS Development

JS Scripts

  • Server-side scripting in JS: in Scripts - Background module or in

Work with Records

/* Get a record */
var gr = new GlideRecord('table_name');     

/* Update a record */

Delete a record



Flow Designer development

  • Use CTRL+Space for autofill
  • Return a sys_id in a Flow: return "0dde2d9cdbc264104bca2a8cd396194a";
  • Activate flow execution detail - guide

Convert a string into an integer

  1. Create a Flow variable
  2. Set the flow variable and define this inline script:

     var valString = fd_data._2__look_up_record.record.value;
     var valInt = parseInt(valString);
     return valInt;

REST Development

  • Use REST API Explorer to build out requests

Get records from a table

  • sysparm_query: Build the query on desktop and right-click → Copy Query - Source


Next Experience

Dashboard Builder

  • List of all UX macrocomponents: sys_ux_macroponent


  • Auto login from a URL:
  • Access a desktop page directly: $, $, or $ for example
  • Check ServiceNow version:

SN Utils

  • Need to use the On Prem version when using an instance without *
  • Useful shortcuts using CTRL+/
    • pop pop in/out
    • tn show technical names
    • sys_id ... search globally for sys_id …
    • nav search into the Application list
    • hist search into the History list
    • sa switch in top 10 apps
    • <table> open table view


  • Set an ServiceNow Banner logo (top left in the application): go to Basic Setup → My Company
  • Set a default theme: in sys_user_preference.list, define glide.css.theme.ui16 value with theme sys_id.