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OnePlus 6

Is an Android phone.

TCPDump on OnePlus

OnePlus' devices have OnePlusLogKit and can use it to have tcpdump:

  1. Open OnePlusLogKit with *#800# > oneplus Logkit
  2. Check Network tcpdump log
  3. Check save log. It's unnecessary to reboot
  4. Do your thing in Libratone app
  5. Go back to OnePlusLogKit, uncheck all
  6. Tap on Copy logs to built-in SD card
  7. Wait for the message with path to recover log
  8. Copy all logs somewhere and do some cleanup (logs are huge)
  9. Open the tcpdump in Wireshark

Camera & other apps

If the camera has trouble to focus in Google Translate, select Camera 1 in app settings.



See the LineageOS wiki page!

  1. Activate options on the phone
    1. In Settings → About → Tap "Build Number" x7
    2. In Settings → Developers mode. Activate:
      • ADB
      • OEM Unlock
  2. Install OnePlus drivers
    1. Reboot your PC with disabled driver checks - Use a Virtual Machine!
    2. Install OnePlus specific drivers
  3. Set up adb and fastboot
    1. Download package
    2. Add the un-zipped package to PATH
  4. Boot a custom recovery
    1. Download sh adb reboot bootloader fastboot devices fastboot flash boot <recovery_filename>.img
  5. Ensure all partitions are consistent
    1. Download
    2. On device: Apply update → Apply from adb
    3. adb sideload
    4. On device: Advanced → Reboot To Recovery
  6. Install LineageOS
    1. Download
    2. On device: Format data / factory reset
    3. Sideload the lineageos zip
    4. Reboot to recovery
  7. Install Google Apps
    1. See this wiki from LineageOS for download
    2. Sideload the zip


  1. Use the built-in updater
  2. After reboot, check if Magisk is affected and sideload if necessary
  3. If no sideload is wished
    1. Download the recovery image on LineageOS website
    2. Transfer image to phone
    3. Open the Magisk app, press install and patch the image
    4. Transfer patched image to PC
    5. Reboot to bootloader
    6. Install the bootloader with fastboot flash boot <recovery_filename>.img and reboot

Camera on LineageOS

You can find the proper GCam in this Telegram group.