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Is a Backup Software that can run on Windows and Linux. It's a good backup solution, if you have a good storage provider, but Restic performs similarly and very much faster (but without a web GUI)


In Ubuntu, installed in /usr/lib/duplicati/, and use ' in command line


Command-line interactions

Documentation for command line is here.
Useful commands: * Duplicati.CommandLine.exe delete <storage-URL> --version=<int> to delete all files that belong to version <int> * Duplicati.CommandLine.exe test <storage-URL> <all/#> [<options>] to check either all or a number (#) of sample

Troubleshooting: 1. Do a repair command from the command-line web interface 1. Do a list-broken-files to check affected files and versions 1. Do a purge-broken-file to remove the above

Command-line client

  1. Clone the project repo and navigate in the folder
  2. Login ./ login http://localhost
  3. Do an action:
    • Regarding the server:
      • ./ status
      • ./ list backups
    • Regarding one backup:
      • ./ get backup 1
      • ./ run backup 1
      • ./ run backup 1
    • Regarding backup configuration:
      • ./ export 1
      • ./ update 1
  4. Logout ./ logout