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UFW Firewall

Is a simplewall for Linux systems


  • A good tutorial here
  • Install sudo apt install ufw
  • Configuration
    • Check status & list configuration sudo ufw status
    • Set default incoming to deny ufw default deny incoming and ufw default allow outgoing for instance
  • Allow something
    • Allow a port sudo ufw allow PORT
    • Allow a port from specific source sudo ufw allow from to any port YYY
      • and a protocol … to any port 100:200 proto tcp
    • Rate limit a port (>6 connections within 30 sec) sudo ufw limit PORT
    • PORT can be replaced with a known app like SSH or specific protocol like PORT/tcp
  • Remove something
    • Remove an allowance sudo ufw delete allow PORT or sudo ufw delete RULE_NUMBER
  • Enable
    • Enable sudo ufw enable
    • On alpine rc-update add ufw default
  • Verify
    • Check added rules sudo ufw show added
    • Check existing rules with numbers sudo ufw status numbered