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Linux Infrared Remote Control

Is a Linux Software that can be used to send & receive infrared commands


IR Emitter

IR Receiver

  • Has 3 pin, when looking at the window (VS1838B)
    • Left: Data → Raspberry Pi GPIO
    • Middle: Ground → Ground
    • Right: Power → 3.3v
  • Sur mon montage → Ground = Pin 9

Software with Raspberry Pi

Receiver setup

Source, assuming IR Receiver on GPIO 17 - apt install lirc - nano /etc/lirc/lirc_options.conf conf driver = default device = /dev/lirc0 - nano /boot/config.txt - At the end of the file: - dtoverlay=gpio-ir,gpio_pin=17 - reboot - systemctl stop lircd.service - mode2 -m -d /dev/lirc0 to see inputs

Mapping table


  • List all spaces: irrecord --list-namespace
  • Record in raw mode: irrecord -f
    • And/or use the mode2 command above to complete the file
  • Replay a command: irsend SEND_ONCE remote KEY