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Is a synchronization Software that can run on many Operating System. It can be used for Backup, however there's no versioning of files.

Links: - Project home page - GitHub page - Releases - Official documentation - Environment variables


  • Works with layers
  • Storage layer
  • Encryption layer: crypt
    • Configuration file holds the secrets
    • Password is enough to recreate config
    • If salt is defined, must be considered as password as well
    • Check section on file name encryption
      • Onedrive base32768
  • Configuration file can be held in various directories
    • Usually in %APPDATA%/rclone/rclone.conf or ~/.config/rclone/rclone.conf
    • See doc


Renew token

  1. Start from a fresh rclone session
  2. Create a new connection with rclone config
  3. Copy the token
    1. Put " around it
    2. Make sure to prefix " with ``