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Mozilla Firefox

Is a Web Software navigator that run on all Operating System Link to pick version to download


In about:config - Remove the ... inside the address bar: browser.urlbar.resultMenu.keyboardAccessible to false - Do not close on last tab: browser.tabs.closeWindowWithLastTab to false


  • Tool available CTRL+Shift+M or in the Inspection → Responsive Design Mode
  • Device Pixel Ratio: multiplier of the resolution of the viewport, similar to @2x in Figma for instance

Great extensions

  • Enhancer for YouTube™
  • Firefox Multi-Account Containers
  • Firefox Translations
  • History Cleaner
  • Kee - Password Manager
  • LeechBlock NG
  • Print Edit WE
  • Simple Translate
  • Snap Links
  • Temporary Containers
  • uBlock Origin
  • Video Speed Controller
  • Web Archives

Block "Sign-in with Google" pop-up

  • Use uBlock Origins
  • Add the following to my filters: || - Source

Image Compression Proxy

Use Bandwidth Hero. Setup: 1. Deploy a Heroku instance of Bandwidth Hero Proxy * Take note of the URL, the username and password if any 1. Install the browser extension like on Firefox. * On Firefox mobile, you need to use Firefox Nightly and manually add the extension in a Collection. 1. Configure the Data Compression Service URL to https://USERNAME:[email protected] * Otherwise you can have 401 error

Multi-Account Containers

Enabling Windows SSO in a container

  1. Enable Windows SSO in Firefox settings
  2. Get the container ID - this is available in containers.json in your Firefox profile directory, in a key called userContextId (47001 for example)
  3. In about:config, create a boolean key, where CONTAINERID is from step 1. Set this key to true
  4. Enjoy Windows SSO working in the given container!