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Is an Automated workflow on Windows and Web.



  • Cannot accept null values


  • Return a boolean (True or False)
  • Can test against null

Control (logic)

Condition (if)

  • Boolean must be converted to string to be used. Case-sensitive, so use True


  • Accepts only String, Integer


When a file is created or modified (properties only)

Parameter Value
Limit Columns by View Only use columns defined in a view. Other columns won't be accessible. But the flow is still triggered!
Dynamic content Value
ID Numeric ID of the file
Identifier ID to select the file (copy, ...)
Folder path Folder path like foo/bar/. Note the slashes
custom column Return content, otherwise null

Copy file

Parameter Value
File to Copy Identifier retrieved above
Destination Folder Folder path like /foo/bar. Note the slashes!