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Is an OpenBSD distribution focused on NAS usage.


Good newbie intro to ZFS

tl;dr by importance:

  • Self-healink, no chkdsk anymore but you need to srub (= check checksum) montly
  • Keep your pool >10% free space
  • resilvering = in RAIDZ case and a drive failed, this is the initialization phase for the new drive
  • Snapshot possible with no space overhead as CoW filesystem. This is applied for system config.
  • Structuration
    1. vdev = group of disks
    2. pool = filesystem
    3. zvol = fixed sized raw volume or dataset = dynamically sized file volume
  • Compression possible



  • Accounts
    • Users
      • root email
  • System
    • Email
    • Alert Service > Email
  • Task
    • SMART Task
      • Create short self test once a week, and long self test once a month (cf FreeNAS doc)
    • Periodic Snapshot
      • Create daily snapshot

Some guides:

Checklist to create a SMB share:

  1. Create a dataset with Share Type = SMB
  2. Assign ACL for a group (help here)



  • Is available as a Community plugin
  • Password cannot be changed from GUI, need to execute sysrc "duplicati_web_pass=PASSWORD" - Source
  • Jail need to be updated ... but how?