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Is an Operating System for Raspberry Pi based on Linux to behave like an Music receiver & server

It is based on: - Squeezelite for the renderer part - Logitech Media Server for the server + UI part


  1. Download and flash the image on a SD
  2. Boot and access the Raspberry Pi IP on HTTP
  3. In the main interface:
    1. Go to Squeezelite Settings, change audio output, reboot
    2. Go to Main Page, resize FS, reboot
    3. Go to LMS page, switch to Server at the bottom of the form and install the server


  • "BT Output Device" has to be selected
  • SBC, AAC and AptX worked for me, but not Apt-X HD & LDAC

Add unsupported Bluetooth adapter to piCorePlayer

  1. From this forum post:
  2. On a separate computer
    1. mkdir -p ~/tmp/lib/firmware/rtl_bt​
    2. cd ~/tmp/lib/firmware/rtl_bt​
    3. Download the required firmware files from the Linux upstream git in plain, for example rtl8761bu_config.bin and rtl8761bu_fw.bin
    4. cd ~/
    5. mksquashfs tmp/ firmware-bluetooth-rtl8761bu.tcz
      • Be careful to have an empty file, otherwise existing and new files will be merged
  3. Check the archive with fstab
  4. Send the package to your pCP
    1. Place it in /mnt/mmcblk0p2/tce/optional/
    2. Change /mnt/mmcblk0p2/tce/onboot.lst and add your package firmware-bluetooth-rtl8761bu.tcz on top


  • SSH: tc:piCore by default, can be changed when Beta is activated, Main page → Security
  • Any changes on the file system is wiped, as pCP is read-only
    • Specify the directory you want to save in /opt/.filetool.lst
    • GUI: Go to Main Page → Backup to save the file system
    • CLI: pcp bu