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Is a design Software that let you edit vector



  • Frames
    • Own dimensions & properties
    • Container to place shape, text, images
    • Presets can be used
    • Constraints can be set up to let thing moves around
    • Grids can be used
    • Clip helps to shows or not items that overflow
  • Groups
    • Sum of parts, no properties
  • Objects properties
    • Fill
    • Stroke → Lines
  • Auto Layout
    • Similar to CSS Flexbox
  • Pen tools
    • Create vector network
    • Press Enter to finish the form


  • Assets can be shared as a library
    • Copied assets benefits from the main assets change
  • Component can be created from the top bar


  • Reusable properties with common set of properties
  • Usable for text, shades, ...
  • Can be overriden


  • Space to move around
  • Alt to show measuring grids
  • Ctrl+P to open the Command Palette
  • Zoom
    • Shift+2 to zoom to selection
  • While having object
    • Shift to constraint ratio
    • Alt to duplicate
      • Ctrl+D to duplicate further
    • Space to not auto-layout


  • Double-click to select the wished component
  • When creating a connection, last settings are used


  • Items can have scroll constraints