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Is a Software aimed to capture and analyze network packets. On Windows, you need npcap to capture packets.



  • Operators
    • and or && to indicate that both conditions must be satisfied
    • or or || to indicate that at least one of the conditions must be satisfied
    • not or ! to match all packets not satisfying the condition
    • Examples: tcp and tcp.port == 80, http or ftp, not ftp
  • Nesting with (x(y(z)))
    • Example: (http or ftp) and ip.addr ==, not (arp or dns or dhcpfo)


Item Description
ip.addr IP address (check both source and destination)
tcp.port TCP Layer 4 port (check both source and destination)
udp.port UDP Layer 4 port (check both source and destination)
ip.src IP source address
ip.dst IP destination address
tcp.srcport TCP source port
tcp.dstport TCP destination port
udp.srcport UDP source port
udp.dstport UDP destination port
icmp.type ICMP numeric type
ip.tos.precedence IP precedence
eth.addr MAC address
ip.ttl IP Time to Live (TTL)